“Fostering Confidence,  Competence, and Certainty, in the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Chiropractic, Applied to Animals.”

Animal Chiropractic Academy

Welcome Chiropractors and Veterinarians,

There has never been a better time to learn Animal Chiropractic.

The public is hungry for alternatives to expensive drugs and surgery for their animals; and Animal Chiropractic provides solutions to many of the major challenges and stresses of both veterinary and human chiropractic practice. Providing animal chiropractic care adds tremendous value, joy, and profitability to one’s practice.

Animal Chiropractic requires minimal overhead, and the results may seem miraculous.  One can work relatively few hours, enjoy a significant income, and spend lots of time with family.

Chiropractic is not medicine.  It is not merely a branch of manual medicine that deals with the treatment of certain musculoskeletal conditions.  It is much more…. and yet different.

When Chiropractic is applied properly, it may result in better performance, function, adaptation and healing….in potentially any area of a patient’s life experience – human or animal.

Chiropractic is a unique, and distinct, philosophy, art, and science.

Learning Chiropractic, or Animal Chiropractic, is not unlike learning, or mastering, a martial art.  One might be able to learn to break a thin board in a matter of minutes or hours, but becoming a master of one’s chosen art, will take a lifetime, and will require a trusted teacher from whom to learn

There is much more to Chiropractic than merely the manipulation of stuck joints to reduce pain or inflammation.  As stated above, Chiropractic is a unique, and distinct,  philosophy, art, and science.

Chiropractic is vitalistic, not mechanistic. It is salutogenic, studying what makes an organism healthy, not merely the study of disease or sickness.

It is always indicated.  If a Chiropractic Vertebral Subluxation is present, the patient will enjoy an improved quality of life, better performance and function,  and improved health, if it is corrected.  The only time chiropractic is not indicated is if a present emergency requires immediate attention…..then, when that situation is resolved, chiropractic is necessary and beneficial .

We are here to serve and guide you on your journey towards Animal Chiropractic mastery.


Become a practitioner of Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic is worth your time and effort. Animals respond so quickly to care, and owners are thrilled with the results.

We have an amazing staff and location to assist you on your quest to become an excellent practitioner of Animal Chiropractic.

 We would love to have you join our inaugural class, Spring 2021. Dates have been set.