2021 Dates and Tuition

We are pleased to announce that dates have been set in “wet concrete” for our inaugural class. Enrollment opens February 1.  Due to the uncertainty of the times, and difficulty of travel.  We are intending to host 3 live, hands-on, gatherings,  as opposed to our original plan of 4.  We have a Plan A and Plan B of dates and as the months progress, we will know the best plan.  Our intent is that our graduates will be able to sit the AVCA exam, which is predicted to occur in September, but there is some uncertainty.



February 1  Enrollment opens.  Students begin Module One Online Material upon enrollment, or after April 1.  Module one is a big module combining Cranio-Cervical and Sacra-Pelvic.  There is twice the online content.  Students are encouraged to register as soon as possible after February 1, to get an early start on online curriculum

Plan A:

Module One Gathering: May 20-23

Module Two Gathering: June 24-27

Module Three Gathering: July 22-25


Plan B:

Module One : June 24-27

Module Two Gathering: July 22-25

Module Three Gathering: August 19-22



A discounted fee is being applied for our first class.  Tuition paid in full is $6995, or 4 payments of $1895 may be made prior to the appropriate Gathering.  Tuition must be paid in full before attending Module Four.

Room and board are not included in the tuition, however, we feel like our student’s best option is to stay at the MLazyC Ranch.  We have a variety of accommodation options and meal tickets will be available.  Karen Little will help you to secure your housing and meal options. Details to follow.