“When love and skill work together for a purpose…. expect a Masterpiece.”

The above quotation is credited to John Ruskin, a ninteeth century art critic.   BJ Palmer may have added the “for a purpose” part.  It appeared as an epigram on the walls of the Palmer School of Chiropractic…..  It’s one of our favorite sayings, and a foundation upon which we build our approach to Animal Chiropractic.

About the Animal Chiropratic Academy

Chiropractic, or Animal Chiropractic, is a unique Philosophy, Art, and Science, and not a branch of medicine (human or veterinary).

The intent of the Animal Chiropractic Academy is to equip, encourage, and empower chiropractors and veterinarians to become excellent communicators and  practitioners of Animal Chiropractic.

There are really only two areas of focus necessary for one to move towards mastery of Animal Chiropractic: 1) Communicating the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Animal Chiropractic; and 2) Delivering the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Animal Chiropractic. 

While that may sound simplistic, we believe one could spend a lifetime becoming better at communicating chiropractic, and providing safe, effective, specific chiropractic care to any species one is caring for.  

So, we seek to provide content, experiences, tools and techniques, intended to guide practitioners on a journey towards mastery of both communicating and practicing the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Animal Chiropractic.

We intend to do so through our certification course, which we believe to be the perfect blend of online and live/experiential learning. We choose to host our live gatherings on a secluded western ranch/retreat in the mountains of Colorado. We also encourage you to subscribe to our Animal Chiropractic podcast, LifeUnbridled | LifeUnleashed. 

Lastly, a word to the veterinarian:  Please don’t take offense when we say that Animal Chiropractic is not part of veterinary medicine. That takes nothing away from your gifts and talents as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  It merely implies that when functioning as a practitioner of Animal Chiropractic, one is utilizing a completely different mindset, thought process, and philosophy.  Chiropractic is vitalistic, not mechanistic.  Chiropractic is always necessary, and not merely a treatment modality to be used if other treatments fail.  Know this: there is never a time in which a patient with a chiropractic subluxation would not be better off without the chiropractic subluxation, therefore, chiropractic assessment and adjustment are always indicated as appropriate.