Animal Chiropractic Certification

220-Hour  Animal Chiropractic Certification

Do you need to be certified to practice animal chiropractic?  That’s a tricky question that is dependent upon your degree (are you a chiropractor or veterinarian?), and the state in which you practice.  You need to determine what is required based on your professional degree and the laws of your State.

We only train licensed chiropractors and veterinarians, or students in their last year of school. 

Our mission is to “Foster Confidence,  Competence, and Certainty in the Traditional Principles, Philosophy, Art,  Science and Professional Objectives of  Chiropractic, Applied to Animals”

There are multiple certifications available for graduates of animal chiropractic programs, including (but not limited to) the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA), and the Association for Principled Animal Chiropractic (APAC).  At present time, APAC is only in Europe.

While we don’t specifically teach to a certain certification organization, our philosophy, goals, and intent are very much in line with the IVCA, AVCA, APAC, and the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO), as each are committed to spreading Chiropractic and Animal Chiropractic around the World, while maintaining Chiropractic’s original tenants.  

Our intention is to prepare our  graduates such that they will perform quite well on  certification exams, including IVCA and AVCA.