Our intent is to create the perfect blend of online learning of the academic essentials, allowing us to maximize our hands-on training in Colorado during our live/experiential Gatherings.  Based on uncertain times, difficulty traveling, and our small class size, we have adopted a 3 Module, combining Cervical and Sacrum, ThoracoLumbar and Extremities, and a third module to tie everything together.  

      Our online content makes up about 120 hours with about 34 hours in each of our live Gatherings.   Additionally, our teaching team is available on a regular basis for interaction through Zoom or our private Facebook group. This is not merely a correspondence course, with no interaction.  Our program (like chiropractic) is based on relationship and communication, between students and staff.

Module 1

CranioCervical | SacroPelvic

Module 2

ThoracoLumbar | Extremities

Module 3

Putting it all together

“What happens at the Gatherings…. stays… in our head, hands, and heart.”

Our time together is valuable, and every hour is devoted to our mission of helping you to become a most confident, competent, and certain practitioner of Animal Chiropractic.

Our Gatherings go from Thursday Afternoon 2:00 to  Sunday at 1:00. You may arrive at MLazyC Ranch on Thursday anytime after noon.  Chill.  Get settled in.  Review content for this module…..go on a hike.

Our first 4 hours together will be spent reviewing online material in preparation for the written examination, with a couple of hours after dinner for special presentations or lectures. 

First thing Friday morning, just after breakfast, we will take our written examination and pack our sack lunch for our hike – “TIC on the Trail.”  We break up into small groups, led by a member of the teaching team, and as a group, review test material and other portions of the module material.  It’s a time to educate while we recreate.

Friday afternoon is spent in the field, looking at bones, honing communication skills,  assessing and adjusting small animals.

Friday evening is Philosophy Around the Campfire.

Saturday is spent learning and practicing equine adjusting, followed by another evening around the campfire discussing the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Animal Chiropractic.

Sunday morning we spend a few hours together, Gathering in the Strays, testing, tying up loose ends, answering questions, and reviewing our time spent together.

Then we go home and prepare for the next module.

Our goal at the Gatherings is always to create a relatively stress-free, yet focused, learning environment.  We want you to go home refreshed, not weary… and on fire for Animal Chirorpactic!