If I could talk to the animals, I would tell them about this amazing philosophy, art, and science, called chiropractic.

I would share with them that living organisms are self-healing, self-regulating.  That’s called homeostasis.

I’d tell them there is an innate intelligence in all living things, constantly striving towards ideal function, adaptation, healing, and homeostasis.

I’d point out that the nervous system controls and coordinates the function to the body and that innate intelligence works through the nervous system.

We would talk about stress, and we would surely agree that we were under a great deal of mental/emotional, chemical, and physical stress, and that as long as our resistance to stress is high, and our stress levels are low, everything works well……but the instant our stress levels overwhelm our ability to adapt, things go haywire.

They might tell me how much they love to eat poop, or how their shoulder hurts when they jump off the couch, or how they feel when their people are fighting.  We’d talk about tension.

Then we’d talk about subluxation, adjustment, and how amazing animal chiropractic is.  They’d immediately ask to get checked for subluxation.  I would agree, check them, adjust them, and they’d dance around the room thankful for how much better they feel…..and are.

Then we’d talk about how they should get checked and adjusted on a regular basis, because we’re always under stress, and adjustments are very valuable.  They reiterate how much they love to eat poop, then they agree and lick my face.

If you’ve ever thot about adding Animal Chiropractic to your practice, I would love to have a conversation with you.  In so many ways, caring for animals and applying our unique principles, philosophy, art, science, and professional objective to animals is hugely rewarding.   It’s the best thing I’ve done in 25 years of chiropractic practice, and I intend to spend the next 25 years teaching chiropractors and veterinarians what chiropractic truly is and how amazing it is to see in action in animals, who respond so quickly.

If you have interest in having a conversation, let me know.  I’d love to chat.  Just call me, (719) 330-2501, and check out our website, www.animalchiropracticacademy.com.