Why  consider our unique learning and training opportunity?

When it comes to learning Animal Chiropractic, there has been a general trend towards combining online and live/experiential learning.  We believe we have created the perfect blend of the two. 

The majority of our academic courses, lessons, and lectures are completed digitally, which allows us plenty of time for hands on, experiential, learning when students come to Colorado.

Why Consider Us?

Our objective is to provide content, training, and experiences designed to help the chiropractor or veterinarian to become the best, most competent, and confident practitioner of Animal Chiropractic.  We accomplish this through a perfect blend of online and live/experiential learning. 

There has been a general trend to blend online with live/experiential training.  Recent events have made this an even stronger trend.  We choose to leverage technology for the majority of the classroom content, so that when our students gather in the mountains of Colorado on a ranch/retreat, our focus can be purely hands-on. 

You will benefit from a place where Animal Chiropractic is in no way watered down or made to be just a tool in the tool box – a medical treatment for certain musculoskeletal aches or pains. 

Simply, we see value in learning Animal Chiropractic from folks who live, eat, and breathe, the unique Philosophy, Art, and Science of Chiropractic of Animal Chiropractic.

Our program is congruent with the IFCO (International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations) Position Paper on Animal Chiropractic.